[Review] The rogue squad - Ma Dong-seok reappears with a powerful punch

A relaxed, free weekend is a good time to go to Touch Cinema and meet Mr. Ma Dong-seok again after a "not long" time on the big screen in the movie The Bad Guy - the film brings gave the audience lots of interesting laughter and heavy action scenes full of Ma Dong-seok.

Built from the hit Korean TV series Bad Guys 5 years ago, this rogue team continues to bring new characters to the audience but it is no stranger to the audience Bad Guys.

Movie content
The rogue squad is a film about a group of 4 members with a private life that is not clean. Oh Goo Tak - captain, former police officer was expelled from the industry for arbitrarily mobilizing police forces, thought majestic but actually in serious illness and can collapse at any time. Park Woong Chul - notorious brothers and sisters on the land of Seoul, is the fear of the whole underworld before being raised by the government in a 2m² room, but has the soul of an embarrassing young girl. Go Yoo Sung - a former police officer who is currently serving a 5-year prison term for being careless while on duty, despite being a criminal, his enthusiasm for the job has not diminished. Kwak No Soon - a beautiful and seductive beauty scammer, but acts no less than the men.

The fact that a car carrying prisoners was robbed on a clear day, along with the weak and corrupt capacity of the police force, led the head of the Seoul police station to ask Captain Oh for help. The attractive promises made 4 people with different personalities and backgrounds come into a squad and ready to "retire without skipping" those who get in the way.The content of the rogue squad is quite simple, easy to understand, does not have many highlights and gentle twist is not enough to impress the audience.
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For those who have watched many action movies, it is easy to predict the plot of the story, and at the same time see the "villain" right from the beginning of the film. Compared to the TV version of Bad Guys, the Squad's plot is more vulnerable due to limited movie time. However, the director cleverly overcome this drawback by building humorous situations to give the audience laughter in the theater.The amusing situations in the movie are handled cleverly and moderately enough, which does not bring discomfort to the viewers like many other over-the-counter movies. Besides, the transliteration team also uses a lot of sayings that are trending on social networks, so the film is more and more attractive to the audience.The rogue squad still has some weaknesses, but the attractive points that the work brings are enough to erase those weaknesses and bring the audience a fun entertainment.

Actors and actors
Most popular in the rogue squad is Ma Dong-seok as Park Woong Chul. The uncle continues to take on the aggressive image with the heavenly punch that causes the opponent to roll on the ground after only 1 second. However, the uncle has a very cute personality, and he always has a lot of teammates, making the audience laugh with humor.Kim Sang Joong's Oh Gu Tak team had the least acting ground due to old age illnesses, but still gave the audience a fierce and passionate captain image for his teammates. Jang Ki Yong's Go Yoo Sung conquers the audience with his masculine face, arrogant attitude and equally impressive action scenes like Ma Dong-seok. And the beautiful beauty Kim Ah Joong in the role of Jessica makes the audience most remembered by the beautiful face and hot body.

Sound and image
The rogue squad that gives the audience heavy action scenes with heavenly punches and the madness of the criminals is now standing in the position of justice to punish the offenders. Combined with the well-handled audio in each situation, the audience winced because of the painful feeling that the movies brought.

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